SMS Tracking Commands

An SMS Command is an specific SMS text message YOU send from YOUR mobile phone to one of your tracked devices. Get mobile location by SMS. To get mobile location by SMS just send a message that includes “?#” (a question mark and the number sign) on your message text. . . . Read more

Zooming options

Zooming options are designed to give you a better tracking experience on multiple devices. If you’re tracking more than a single device, zooming options will let you to automatically zoom in on each of your device(s) or view all the tracked devices at a glance.

Change tracking settings

To change a device’s tracking settings, sign in to your private web account using your email address and password (Tracking Your Installed Device(s)). Go to the Device List window and set the Track From, Track To and Every (min) tracking options. “Track From” Device clock time MapME GPS application will . . . Read more

Change device tracking color

f you track multiple devices, you can set a different color for each tracked device. Just click on the Color button in the Device List window. A Select Color popup will be displayed. Click on the desired color and your changes will be saved automatically. Once saved, device locations will . . . Read more

Setting device name

To change a device name in the Device List window, just click on the Edit icon ()next to the device nameyou wish to change. You will then be able to edit and change the device name. When finished, press Enter or click outside the editing area to save the changes.

Change Account E-mail/Password

To change your account email address or password, just click on the Advanced menu option (only available for desktop browsers). A new dialog box will be displayed. Select Security Settings and click on the Edit button () to change the email adress or password associated with your account.

How to start tracking a device

To track a device you must install the mobile application on the device you wish to track (Install on Android device / Install on BlackBerry device). For example, to track your employees’ devices, you must install the application on your employees’ devices. To track your child’s cell phone, you need . . . Read more vs

You may have installed our mobile tracking application by typing or searching for (WAY) or by registering on the (MapME) website. What are the differences between them? MapME and WAY use the same tracking technology and tracking map features. The difference between the two is that adds . . . Read more

PREMIUM and TRIAL Tracking

The mobile app you install on the device you want to track has two available running modes: TRIAL Mode: Allows you to track a device for 48 hours and get location updates every 10 minutes. PREMIUM License: Allows you to track a device 24 hours a day and get location . . . Read more