Battery Alerts

Set up Battery Alerts to receive a notification when a device’s battery falls below a certain level. To set up a Battery Alert just click on the Advanced top-menu option and select Battery Alerts. You will get the option to add new Battery Alerts, setting the Battery Limit (for example . . . Read more

Speed Alerts

To set up a new speed alert, click on the Advanced top-menu option (only available if you login into your account using a desktop browser) and click on the Speed Alerts advanced feature. Just click on ADD NEW SPEED ALERT and enter the Speed Limit (for example 50 mph), the email . . . Read more

Points of Interest

A Point Of Interest is a permanent place you want to get located on the map, as it represents a point that your business take into account. For example, you can define your customer list as a list of Point Of Interests your employees will visit. If you correctly define . . . Read more

Device Groups

Use Device Groups to organize your tracked devices so you can select them quickly on the tracking interface. To set up a Device Group, simply click on Device Groups on the left-hand side of the Advanced Features dialog box. From there, you will be able to create a new device . . . Read more

User Interface Settings

This menu option will allow you to set some Advanced Features related settings. Speed Unit Set the speed unit you want to use (mph or km/h). Show speed alerts on map / show last If you check this option, [show last] number of speed alerts will be displayed on the . . . Read more

Device Managers

If you have a business hierarchical structure you can create Device Manager accounts to organize how your tracked devices are managed. To create access for a new Manager Account, just click on the Advanced menu option at the top of the screen, then go to Security Settings and click on . . . Read more

Speed Tolerance

Mobile GPS services are not always as precise as you might expect. In some circumstances, you can get GPS coordinates which are several miles away from the device. We’ve implemented the Speed Tolerance feature to minimize these inconsistencies. For example, imagine that you get a GPS location which says the . . . Read more

Accuracy Filter

The Accuracy Filter option will allow you to set the minimum accuracy before discarding a location. For example, if you set your Accuracy Filter to 100 miles, all locations beyond 100 miles will be discarded. To set the Accuracy Filter value, just go to the Advanced menu option and click . . . Read more

Install on BlackBerry device

To install the BlackBerry GPS Tracking app, just get THE DEVICE YOU WANT TO TRACK and open the BlackBerry browser. Go to or and click on the Install button. Our GPS Tracking application for BlackBerry devices will be automatically downloaded. Click on Install and wait for installation to . . . Read more

Install on Android device

To start tracking an Android phone, get the device and go to or using the device’s browser, then click on the Install button. Just after the app has been installed, a registration form should be displayed. If the registration form is not displayed, please reboot the device or . . . Read more