Location List

The Location List report gives you a complete list of locations from your selected device(s). To get the report, click on the Select Devices button, choose your devices and set the time period (From/To). You will get a report which lists every location the device has been, including the date/time, . . . Read more

Business Reports PRICE

A Business Reports add-on costs only 29 USD per month and includes all your devices (so you can get activity reports from all your devices). To purchase the reports add-on, click on the Reports menu option, then click on the Order Now button and you’ll be redirected to PayPal to . . . Read more

How to start Business Reports TRIAL

You can start a FREE full-featured trial of our Business Reports feature if you’re interested in seeing how it works. Just click on the Reports menu option, click on the Try It button, then select a report from the left-side menu.

Tracking Nomenclature

Geolocation Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an internet-connected computer terminal. Geolocation may refer to the practice of assessing the location, or to the actual assessed location. Geolocation is closely related to the use of positioning systems . . . Read more


Use GetMapMEAPIUserDeviceLocations to get device tracked locations. UT Parameters GetMapMEAPIUserDeviceLocations(string UserKey, string FromTimestamp, string ToTimestamp, string APIKey, string SharedKey) Parameters Definition UserKey Related device key. Use GetMapMEAPIUserDevices to get device key. FromTimestamp Timestamp in milliseconds format. For example 1352856893298 is equal to Wed Nov 14 2012 02:34:53 GMT+0100 (you can check this conversion . . . Read more


Use GetMapMEAPIUserDevices to get the list of devices associated with your account. GetMapMEAPIUserDevices(string Email, string Password, string APIKey, string SharedKey) Parameters Definition Email Your MapME GPS account email (used to log in to map.mapme.net tracking website). Password Your account password. APIKey Your account related Key (API Access Keys) SharedKey The shared . . . Read more

API Web Services Operations

The API Add On follows the SOAP protocol. To check available operations, please go to the following URL: api.mapme.net/MapMEAPI.asmx You can check for SOAP definitions just by clicking on the required operation. GetMapMEAPIUserDevices GetMapMEAPIUserDeviceLocations

API Access Keys

To call the available API Web Services, you will need 2 string keys: Your private API KEY The API shared KEY To get these keys, just click on the My Add Ons menu option at the tracking web site.

How to start API free TRIAL

Using the API Add-On you will be able to get location history for all of your tracked devices programmatically. You can start using the API Add-on for FREE just by entering the TRIAL MODE. To switch to TRIAL MODE, just click on the Reports menu option (only available for Desktop computers browsers) . . . Read more

Warning Areas

A Warning Area is an area on the map you designate which sends you an alert when selected devices enter or leave that area. To set up a new Warning Area select Warning Areas from the Advanced Features menu option. You will get an option to define a new Warning . . . Read more