Why I’m getting cellphone location far from its real position?

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    GPS is proven to be a very valuable tool for the purposes of Surveying and Navigation however its users must be aware of its characteristics and cautious of its limitations.

    Common factors affecting the GPS accuracy are:

    1. GPS Technique employed (i.e.: Autonomous, WADGPS, DGPS, RTK, etc.)
    2. Surrounding conditions (satellite visibility and multipath)
    3. Number of satellites in view
    4. Satellite Geometry (HDOP, GDOP, PDOP etc.)
    5. Distance from Reference Receiver(s) (non-autonomous GPS ie: WADGPS, DGPS, RTK)
    6. Ionospheric conditions
    7. Quality of GPS receiver

    Also note that if no GPS satellites connection is available, the device location is gathered by cell tower and wifi network localization. Wifi and cell tower location services are great when you’re in a large city as signals are abundant and often even more accurate than GPS.  That being said, it is important to not that when in a less populated area, these locations may note be as accurate as those collected with GPS satellites. Using APX location services is also a great way to save battery.

    To minimize accuracy related issues, we implemented some accuracy filters you can use to discard unvaluable locations. Please take some time reading this on how so setup accuracy filters for your account.

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