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    Please read carefully this post to check for all the available solutions.

    I correctly installed the app and everything seems to work perfect but after a while, the device is not sending new locations anymore.

    Why ?

    In 99% of cases you’re not receiving locations because:

    • The device has only a FREE TRACKING License.
      Please be aware that our FREE TRACKING License will only send/receive tracking locations from 8:00-14:00 each day. Should you need tracking outside of these hours, you will need to purchase PREMIUM TRACKING licences.
    • The tracking window is not appropriately set for your device in the tracking interface.
      Please keep in mind that tracking windows are in units 00:00-24:00 (based on a 24-hour clock).  For example, if you wish for your device to track 24-hours a day, you will need to set the tracking window from 00:00-24:00 (for example, setting from 14:00-14:00 will result in NO LOCATIONS BEING COLLECTED OR SENT).
    • The application has been uninstalled by the user.
      The application may have been detected and uninstalled by the user.
    • The application has been forced to stop.
      The application runs in the background, but the user is allowed to manually stop the service using the application manager.
    • Device location services are not active.
      MapME GPS uses device location services to get the device locations. If those device services are not running (i.e. if GPS is not enabled on your device), the application will be unable to receive, and thus provide you with, any new locations.  Click on the following links to view an instructional video on how to Enable GPS on your phone or tablet.
    • Internet connection is not available.
      The application does not require an internet connection to receive GPS locations, but locations are sent to your account using the Internet.

    I’ve checked everything, but still not getting any locations!

    If you’ve double-checked everything, and are still not getting locations, try to do the following:

    If you can get the device on your hands:

    1. Check if the application is still installed and click on the app icon.
      APP Icon _ENG
    2. A message will be displayed meaning that the app is working correctly.
    3. if you still don’t get any locations after you login into the tracking website, click on the ‘Log Checks’ menu option.Log Checks _ENG
    4. Take some minutes reading for log messages, and search for any red line.
    5. If you get ‘No services available’ message, that mean that the cellphone user has disabled Location Services (GPS). The app is then unable to get device location and you must contact the user.

    If you can’t get the device (cellphone is outside):

    If your not getting locations and you can’t get the cellphone on your hands, you must understand that:

    • the app may have been uninstalled by the user,
    • the user may have disconnected the cellphone location services (GPS),
    • or maybe there are Internet coverage issues and no Internet is available for the user device.

    We recommend to you to wait until you can get the device with you to check related issues. If you still need to check for cellphone locations remotely, you can also use SMS commands to remotely get the device status. To check how SMS commands work please click here.

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