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How to trigger an SOS Alert

The mobile device user you are tracking can use our app to manually trigger an alert when needed. To trigger that alert the mobile user just has to click on the  mobile application icon and then tap twice on the displayed popup: The device will vibrate confirming that the message has been sent . . . Read more

How to share a device location

To share a device location, click the Share icon (), which is located in Device List window. You can also click the Advanced menu option. Please note that a device-location share is a shareable URL link, so anyone using that link will be allowed to view a map showing the . . . Read more

Warning Areas

A Warning Area is an area on the map you designate which sends you an alert when selected devices enter or leave that area. To set up a new Warning Area select Warning Areas from the Advanced Features menu option. You will get an option to define a new Warning . . . Read more

Battery Alerts

Set up Battery Alerts to receive a notification when a device’s battery falls below a certain level. To set up a Battery Alert just click on the Advanced top-menu option and select Battery Alerts. You will get the option to add new Battery Alerts, setting the Battery Limit (for example . . . Read more

Speed Alerts

To set up a new speed alert, click on the Advanced top-menu option (only available if you login into your account using a desktop browser) and click on the Speed Alerts advanced feature. Just click on ADD NEW SPEED ALERT and enter the Speed Limit (for example 50 mph), the email . . . Read more

Points of Interest

A Point Of Interest is a permanent place you want to get located on the map, as it represents a point that your business take into account. For example, you can define your customer list as a list of Point Of Interests your employees will visit. If you correctly define . . . Read more

Device Groups

Use Device Groups to organize your tracked devices so you can select them quickly on the tracking interface. To set up a Device Group, simply click on Device Groups on the left-hand side of the Advanced Features dialog box. From there, you will be able to create a new device . . . Read more

Device Managers

If you have a business hierarchical structure you can create Device Manager accounts to organize how your tracked devices are managed. To create access for a new Manager Account, just click on the Advanced menu option at the top of the screen, then go to Security Settings and click on . . . Read more

SMS Tracking Commands

An SMS Command is an specific SMS text message YOU send from YOUR mobile phone to one of your tracked devices. Get mobile location by SMS. To get mobile location by SMS just send a message that includes “?#” (a question mark and the number sign) on your message text. . . . Read more