Users Activity Report

The Users Activity report tells you when your users start and stop, using an algorithm that analyses movement based on registered locations.

To get the report, just select the related devices you want to get the report from by clicking on Select Devices button and set the related period (From/To). The report includes specific information about each location: total time spent at the location, the date and the related location.

Activiy List

Select Device & Time Period.

Report chart

Chart Report

You will also get a chart report that will group your employees stops in 3 groups, less than 10 minutes stops, 10 to 30 minutes stops, and more than 30 minutes sopts.

Report list

List Report

Since GPS/device location services cannot always provide the required location accuracy, you can define an accuracy filter value and Speed Tolerance to get the most suitable results. For example, if you set the accuracy filter for locations if accuracy is less than 600 feet, results will only use locations with less than 600-feet accuracy.
To get the best results, you can use the Stop Sensitivity feature to modify the movement granularity (depending on the device’s location services and tracking intervals you will get the best results by modifying the sensitivity value).

Location accuracy

Location Accuracy

Finally, if you need to download generated report as a CSV file, just click on the Get CSV File button. A new report document file will be created to download.

Get CSV file

Get CSV File.