How to trigger an SOS Alert

The mobile device user you are tracking can use our app to manually trigger an alert when needed. To trigger that alert the mobile user just has to click on the  mobile application icon and then tap twice on the displayed popup: The device will vibrate confirming that the message has been sent . . . Read more

Device Logs

The GPS Tracking mobile app will detect some key events and notify the account owner by sending an email message. For example, when all the locations services are enabled at the mobile, you will get the next message (please note that the mobile user can disable or enable location services, and that’s why we will send . . . Read more

How to downgrade devices to FREE

If you need to downgrade a device license (for example, to transfer the LICENSE to another device), just click on My Account menu option at the top of the screen. Check the device you want to downgrade and click on the “Downgrade” link. The selected device will be downgraded and . . . Read more

How to enable/disable notifications.

By installing our GPS Tracking application you will not only get device location history, but also important notifications related to your mobile devices. To enable or disable these notifications, go into your tracking account and click on the Notifications menu option. Enable or disable the required subscription or subscriptions, indicating . . . Read more

How to share a device location

To share a device location, click the Share icon (), which is located in Device List window. You can also click the Advanced menu option. Please note that a device-location share is a shareable URL link, so anyone using that link will be allowed to view a map showing the . . . Read more

Device(s) Speed Report

The Device(s) Speed report shows you the registered speed for a group of selected devices and a selected time period. To get the report, just select the devices by clicking on the Select Devices button. Then, set a date/time range. You will get a report which shows you registered speeds, . . . Read more

Travelled Distance Report

The Distance Travelled report gives you the distance travelled for a group of selected devices and time periods. Just select the related devices for which you want a report and set the related time period (From/To). The report will show you the total distance that, for example, your employee has . . . Read more

Warning Areas Time

The Warning Areas Time report gives you information about when your employees enter or leave a predefined Warning Area (for example, how much time they have spent in this predefined area). To get the report, just select the related devices for which you want a report by clicking on the . . . Read more

Visit Time (POI Time)

The POI (Point of Interest) Visit Time report shows you how long your employees have been at your list of POI-related locations (for example, how long they stay for a customer visit). To get the report, just select the related devices for which you want to get the report by . . . Read more

Users Activity Report

The Users Activity report tells you when your users start and stop, using an algorithm that analyses movement based on registered locations. To get the report, just select the related devices you want to get the report from by clicking on Select Devices button and set the related period (From/To). . . . Read more